Monday, January 23, 2012

Now History Is Made by Newt-Let the Games Begin

Congratulations to Newt Gingrich for winning the South Carolina primary. The Tales predicted Mitt Romney to win in a squeaker, but it took history to be made for the Tales to miss this one. And boy did the Tales miss it, as Newt Gingrich won in a blowout over second place Mitt Romney.  The best result from the South Carolina primary, that I think most Republicans can agree on, is that Ron Paul finished in a weak fourth place.  The Paulster is fading to irrelevance.

From: great tribble friend Cathy, @photog357 on twitter: Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt [from a Saturday night special election coverage on the radio-when the fetching Mrs B and I were at the symphony] theorized "Newt's win may very well have been a backlash against the blatantly left-wing MSM "gotcha" debate questions. John King may very well have handed South Carolina to Newt". 
I agree totally with Hugh Hewitt.

We thought history was made when results first showed Mitt Romney had won both Iowa and New Hampshire. This would have been the first time a non incumbent had won both states on the GOP side. But, with the unusual recounting of votes resulting in a change of position in Iowa, the official pronouncement was finally made on Friday that Rick Santorum [and not Mitt Romney] did indeed win Iowa.

So, history was not made by Mitt.  But with the results in South Carolina, we can finally say that history has been made.  This is the first time in history that the winner of the South Carolina primary did not win in either Iowa or New Hampshire. Three states and three different winners. Who could have predicted that?

Now it looks like we will have a battle royal between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney for the nominee of our party. With Rick Santorum and Ron Paul still battling for delegates along with the two main heavyweights, this will be a long drawn out process. I hope this doesn't happen, as I think Mitt Romney is our most electable candidate, but a brokered convention, with no one having locked up the nomination by convention time, is not out of the realm of possibility.

While the Tales missed the prediction of this primary, we were eerily canny in our prediction back in November that this would turn out to be a two man race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. In that  post entitled  "It's Down to Two" , I stated "let the games begin."   Now with the surprising results from the first three states with no definitive front runner emerging, I think Florida is actually the beginning of the nomination process. This time for real I think we can say: "let the games begin."

Whoever you are for, let us pray that our best candidate, the one who can defeat president Obama, wins. I think that man is Mitt Romney.  If the voters think different and someone else emerges, then I will support that candidate.  America cannot stand another four years of the economically illiterate and  foreign policy naive, Barack Obama.

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