Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Must Make the Case For Capitalism or He Will Lose

I am a supporter of Mitt Romney for president. I believe he has the best chance, between Santorum, Gingrich and himself, to beat president Obama. As someone who wants Mitt to win the GOP nomination I implore him to stop shying away from attacks on him about his wealth, his taxes he has payed on capital gains, his work at Bain Capital. Go on the offense Mitt in all these areas. I have heard you say rightly you expected the attacks on your wealth and work at Bain and on the free market system from the left, but never expected it from the GOP candidates. I agree with you, Mitt. These attacks on you by Gingrich and Rick Perry before he left the race, were an assault on our free market system. I don't see how any conservative could support Newt Gingrich after those attacks. But Mitt you must go further than just criticizing those attacks. You must give a strong, passionate defense and support of capitalism and your being a capitalist.  That is something to be proud of, not defensive about. I feel if you don't make this case for the free market system, and do it soon, you could lose the nomination.

My patriotic doc brother Brad sent me an e-mail that stated this case much better than I could.  Brad is a true independent, center to right leaning person. He calls himself a moderate. He may be the only person I know who truly looks at all facts, without bias, before making a decision politically.  He gave me permission to publish his e-mail. He always looks at the election through a non ideological lens, as he knows the independents vote will probably be determinitive in the results.

My brother Brad's e-mail:
I am now very concerned about the moderate vote----Romney should have proudly released his taxes , explaining that he paid 35 % tax on the money invested in Bain, then another 15% on the profits ---- just as every single investor does on any of their saved money, capitalism at work! He should show that newts tax return shows the same 15 % on gains as does obama's and most invested Americans. He should have never shied away from this but turned the complaints around --- this could cost the country another tragic 4 years of obama

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