Saturday, January 21, 2012

Melodic Masterpiece

Two weeks ago, Mrs B and I got to see the exciting piano concerto #3 by the Russian Romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Tonight the fetching Mrs. B and I are going to Jones Hall in Houston to hear the great Houston symphony perform Rachmaninoff's most beautiful 2nd piano concerto.  This is one of the most beautiful piano concertos and most beautiful pieces ever composed.  There are melodies galore in this masterpiece. For those that aren't big classical aficionados, you may not think you have heard this concerto, but when the ultra beautiful main theme comes on in the third movement, you will know you have heard it somewhere.

My wife and I have heard this piece about 3 times and every time my wife will hum along every time the main melody is played in the third movement. And every time I think about nudging her with my elbow and making a sign of  shush; but then knowing my wife, I think better of it.  :)   The theme my wife hums first occurs at the 26:35 mark of the video.  When you hear it, you may want to hum along too.

This video plays all three movements of this beautiful piano concerto.  It has an extra attraction as the soloist plays an encore: Chopin's "Minute" Waltz, which surprisingly, lasts just over a minute.  :)

S.Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2 in E minor: Movement 1 moderato (0:54-11:54)
Movement 2 Adagio sostenuto (12:24-24:38), Movement 3 Allegro scherzando (24:41-36:11):
Encore: Chopin: Minute Waltz:37:50 mark

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