Monday, January 2, 2012

I'd Love to See This in 2012.

Remember in 1994 we had the sea change election in which the GOP took control of congress after 40 years of being out of power.  As conservatives, we relished in glee watching the stunned humiliation of the liberal media explain their [oops, I mean the liberal Democrats] big loss.  Of course, we remember who the media blamed. The American people.  They called us the "angry white man."  The late Peter Jennings of ABC said the voters had a "temper tantrum."

Ah, for the good old days. 

Fellow conservatives, the 1994 media reaction will seem like responsible journalism compared to what we will see in November of 2012 if their guy, Barack Obama, who they have all their chips invested in, goes down. 

This is a very critical election for the future of this great country.  Better said would be, this is a very critical election to determine if this will remain a great country.  I know how important this election is and I cannot downplay that.  But even more than just the GOP winning and making Obama a one term president, there is one thing I want to see more than anything else from the results of the election.

I want to see the smirk wiped off the face of the arrogant, despicable, condescending David Gregory's face as he has to announce the defeat of Barack Obama.

Oh, that will make 2012 a great year indeed.

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