Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Win by Mitt, Great Speech by Mitt.

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for a big win in New Hampshire. In saying it was a big win I guess I didn't see things the way the Fox All Stars [Stephen Hayes, Bill Krystol, and Juan Williams] saw it.  Juan Williams is a Democrat who wants Obama to win re-election, so I can understand him putting Romney's win down; but what was up with Hayes and Krystol?  [two men who I really respect and agree with almost all the time]. They were trying to pull rabbits out of the hat in finding numbers to prove that Romney's big win wasn't really that big at all.

On twitter Jonah Goldberg called it a weak juggernaut.  Huh?  Is that like being partly pregnant?  Can a juggernaut by definition be weak? 

Enough of disagreeing with some of the pundits, even on our side, but I hope they can agree that Mitt Romney gave a great victory speech.  He aimed his attack right where it should have been on the divisive, failed presidency of Barack Obama.  He did have one line against the attacks against him by fellow Republicans.  He said  president Obama wants to put the free enterprise system under attack, but he can't understand his fellow Republicans joining Obama in the attack.  I am so glad Mitt Romney pointed that out. If Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry keep on with attacking capitalism, they will be giving the Obama campaign free media attacking material to use against Romney in the campaign. If they continue, I say shame on them.

To me the best line of the speech is one I hopes he uses over and over again:
"The president has run out of ideas, he is running out of excuses, and I want the people of South Carolina to join the people of New Hampshire in making 2012 the year he runs out of time."

Huge cheer!   I was with those cheering.

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