Sunday, January 22, 2012

Governor Christie Open to Vice President

It's hard to watch Meet the Press with the obnoxious David Gregory, but I do it for you. :)

On this 'Meet the Press' news was made as Governor Chris Christie of NJ said he would not foreclose the idea of being vice president on a Romney ticket. He said if Romney approached him about being his running mate after getting the nomination, he would certainly listen and be open to it. Chris Christie said if Romney could convince him [Christie] he would be the best person for the party and the country, of course he would have to strongly consider.

While you think David Gregory would jump on this to say, "hey governor you've made news today", Gregory went to another topic.  My perception is that Gregory was disappointed by Christie's statement and therefore would not acknowledge that news was made on his own show.  I believe the liberal, Obama sycophant David Gregory was hoping to press Christie for a Shermanesque like statement that he would never accept the VP slot.

Side note: On the 'Meet the Press' panel was Joe Scarborough [supposed Republican]. I sometimes think the term RINO is overused, but RINO is an understatement for MSNBC's Scarborough. He is not just a RINO but a smirky, disgusting one at that.  He amazingly, on the show, referred to himself as a conservative.  For Joe Scarborough [RINO-FL] to call himself a conservative would be like Nancy Pelosi calling herself a moderate.


Cathy York said...

I love Gov. Christie taking on the teacher unions in NJ, and think that's exactly where he needs to stay, largely due to his stance regarding shariah law's anti-Constitutional nature and the very real danger it poses.

I found this video from last August of him defending his appointment of Muslim attorney Sohail Mohammed to a Passaic County Superior Court judgeship: After watching it, I thought, "Gee, maybe I was a little too hard to Christie back then, because he really didn't say that the whole issue of Islamists trying to insidiously implement shariah law into the American legal system is crap."

But then I found this posting from Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer, which reveals that Sohail Mohammed acted as counsel for "Mohammed Qatanani, a Muslim Brotherhood operative who pled guilty to membership in the jihad terror group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood." Spencer further points out that Christie was not ignorant of this fact, citing Steve Emerson's statements that Christie had access to the evidence against Qatanani and yet spoke in his defense against a DHS deportation order.

Chris Christie needs to stay far, far away from the Oval Office.

Big Mike said...

Whoa! That is unbelievable. If that is true I agree with you 100%-no Christie, no way.

We already have someone in the White House supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood.