Wednesday, January 4, 2012

God Bless You Rich Lowry

Hat Tip:  Hugh Hewitt  and the Hugh Hewitt radio show with guest Rich Lowry.

I am not doing this post to show how vile Alan Colmes is. There are too many examples of that from him and a lot of the liberal media towards Christian conservatives. Colmes went to the extreme in this attack on Rick Santorum and his wife when he criticized the way they showed respect and love for their deceased baby. He did this on the Fox News morning show. Contemptible is too mild a word for Alan Colmes.

The reason I am doing this post is to show how a strong, decent man, National Review's Rich Lowry, stood up to this inhumanity.  Hugh Hewitt pointed this out on his radio show Tuesday night, when he interviewed Rich Lowry.  Hugh thanked Rich for his not sitting silent and standing up for decency.  Rich said when he heard Alan Colmes attack Santorum over his dead baby, he was literally shaking.

Rich, the overwhelming number of people of this country who saw those comments were shaking with you. Alan Colmes words were so uncaring and inhumane it was had to describe.   Rich Lowry, you were strong in your defense of decency and humanity.  You  never backed down to Colmes when he tried to cut you off.  Like Hugh Hewitt I want to say, thank you so much for that Rich Lowry.

God Bless You, Rich.   You are a good man!

Update:  By the way Alan Colmes, Rick Santorum is winning the Iowa caucuses.

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