Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Excuse making-the last refuge of a loser.

Really Newt?  You've been "Romney-boated".   As Newt Gingrich's once strong lead in the polls, in Iowa and for the GOP nomination, has fallen at an alarming rate, we may be seeing the real Newt Gingrich emerge.   It hurts me to say this as I have been one promoting Newt saying he could be our guy because there was no one more I would love to see debate Barack Obama than Newt Gingrich.   Now I am not just having second thoughts, I am having a singular thought that Newt Gingrich must not be our nominee because he will lose to president Obama.

Newt's recent whining about his fall in the polls, blaming the attack ads against him, is the last refuge of a loser.  His term of  "Romney-boating" is extremely disgusting.  It is an obvious reference to the derogatory term liberals used against the patriotic swift boat veterans, when they told the truth about  Senator John Kerry in his run for president against George W Bush, a  man they knew well from their Viet Nam experience.      So, now Newt uses an obnoxious reference from the liberal Democrats in explaining his plight. 

So, Newt I have one question for you?  Do you think John Kerry was "swift-boated?"  

I may be making too much of it, but that really disgusted me when the liberals used that term about so many patriotic heroic Americans.  When Newt uses this reference, it brings back memories of when Newt called Paul Ryan's budget plan "social right wing engineering."   I was mad at Newt then, but with his great performance in the debates, I was willing to overlook that and give Newt a second chance. 

No more passes Newt.  You should not and will not be our nominee.  Think about it, Newt.  If you cannot withstand attack ads from your fellow Republicans, how the hell do you expect to even have a chance against the Barack Obama divisive attacking machine. I want a Republican nominee who can defeat Barack Obama.  Since you are showing you cannot do that, Newt, the Republican voters cannot afford to take a chance on you.

When you did an ad about global warming with Nancy Pelosi you said you just wanted to make sure the Republicans weren't locked out of the issue.  You later admitted it was a big  mistake. One swing and a miss.

When you thought you were making points with a liberal journalist by calling Paul Ryan's  "Road map for America" budget plan, which every single GOP member of congress voted in favor of, social right wing engineering and just as bad as left wing social engineering, you blamed the way the question was asked of you.    That's two swings and a miss.

Now you say you have been "Romney-boated." That's a called strike three.  You're out Newt.

Excuse making is the last refuge of a loser.


soopermexican said...

Mike, if you look at the full context of the quotes where Newt has gotten in trouble, it's been the media trying to get him to say something they can use against him. In this case, they specifically ask if the negative ads have hurt - he says yes. Then they ask him if he's being "swiftboated" - the fact that Newt didn't say yes, shows that he was trying to get out of the trap they were setting for him. So he wasn't whining, he was simply answering the question. Don't believe Hugh's Mittpaganda!!! =)

Big Mike said...

But sooper, I agree 95% of the time with your great analysis, but I saw him when he threw Paul Ryan and the GOP congress under the bus by using the term right wing social engineering..that was just plain dumb, it wasn't the question. Also, he may not have said yes to being swift-boated, but he should have blasted the media for even using that term. The fact that he used the term Romney-boated implied that the term swift boated by the liberals was a correct one. Plus I didn't even add the fact that he is now complaing that Mitt is trying to buy himself into the white house.
I think that is whining. Mitt has raised a lot more money than Newt and is using it on ads. Duh. But I say again if these ads are making his poll numbers drop this fast, what does he thinks would happen if he faced the Chicago thug machine of Obama? You've got to admit he would be in trouble.
Still you are 95-98% of the time correct in my eyes. :-))