Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Jump to Conclusions--Oh, Wait, That Was Then.

On November 7, 2009 Major Nidal Malik Hasan [of the Army], committed a terrorist attack in Ft. Hood, Texas when he shot down, in the name of Allah, 13 young soldiers. Hasan shouted  "Allahu Akbar" before he slaughtered these young Americans. 

So, what was the response from this administration at the time. From the  Sweetness and Light blog: "Speaking in his weekly address,  president Obama seemed to urge Americans not to dwell on the suspect’s religion by reminding the nation of the broad diversity of those who serve."

"In a Rose Garden appearance on Friday, Mr. Obama urged Americans not to “jump to conclusions” about the motives behind the shooting, a theme he echoed on Saturday.
“We cannot fully know what leads a man to do such a thing.” he said in the Saturday address.

So, 13 young American soldiers slaughtered in an obvious terrorist attack, and president Obama was concerned about an adverse reaction of the American people to Nidal's religion.

That was then.

What about now?  Last week a U tube video came out allegedly of  US Marines urinating on enemy dead Taliban.  Yes, the same Taliban terrorists that disgrace and stone women, terrorize innocent men women and children, and cut off the heads of infidels.  So, I will be completely politically incorrect in saying I shed no tears for the dead Taliban and won't criticize our US Marines.

What about this administration.  Surely, from the experience of  the Nidal Hasan terrorist attack in Ft. Hood,when Obama warned US citizens not to jump to conclusions on the Major in the Army, this administration would urge caution in condemnation of the US Marines.  Wrong. This administration came out full bore in blasting those Marines involved.

From Sec of Defense Leon  Panetta said: "I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” Panetta said. “This conduct is entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military and does not reflect the standards or values our armed forces are sworn to uphold.”

Wait, maybe Panetta didn't get the directive that we were supposed to not jump to conclusions...Well, maybe Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got the word. Let's see what she said, from "I want to express my total dismay at the story concerning our Marines, who I have the highest respect and admiration but I share completely the views expressed by Secretary Panetta earlier today. I join him in condemning the deplorable behaviour that is reflected in this video,"

Hmm,. surely the head of the NATO led forces would urge restraint and telling one and all not to jump to conclusions. "The NATO-led security force in Afghanistan released a statement Thursday saying, "This disrespectful act is inexplicable and not in keeping with the high moral standards we expect of coalition forces."

So, when one of our soldiers murders American soldiers in the name of Allah, we are not supposed to jump to any conclusions.  But when US Marines urinate on dead Taliban, we must immediately "condemn their deplorable behavior".

Note: To this day we have not, and are not allowed to call Major Nidal Hasan a Muslim terrorist.
It seems to this administration that to mention that Hasan was a Muslim or a terrorist would be the deplorable act.

That is deplorable to me.


bradley said...

Moreover , is it upsetting to anyone else that our media is so quick to publicize the actions of these marines but almost never publishes the great things we bring the muslim locals such as setting up schools, hospitals, and most recently rescuing Iranians being held by Somali pirates on a boat in the waters where the maniacal Iranian president wants us out of!!

Big Mike said...

Exactly, brother. Thanks for pointing that out!