Friday, January 20, 2012

CNN debate--Mitt Comes Back

I thought after a weak performance in the Fox News debate, Mitt Romney was back on his game and won this debate.  Newt started out very strong when John King's very first question was about his ex wife's attack on him.  Newt scolded King for such a question in a presidential debate, with all of the important issues of the day. He had the crowd on their feet for a second straight debate. But then King asked Newt about his attack on Romney over Bain Capital.  Newt could have really won the night if he said, I don't want to go there anymore, this election is about president Obama and his dangerous policies for America. Instead Newt doubled down in his attack on Mitt over Bain.  To me that was a very bad moment for Newt and cut almost immediately the gain he had in the opening. Rick Santorum like usual had another good debate, but to me it was just not a game changer like I think he needed. Ron Paul, yawn, was Ron Paul. What sealed the deal was Mitt's impressive closing statement. Clearly the best of anyone on the stage.  
In summary Mitt Romney won this debate and I think will win this nomination and election.

Fresh off the Tales first and only prediction so far, in the Iowa caucuses, in which the Tales hit the surprising top 3 finish exactly [until the Iowa recount :)] the Tales will now venture into our second prediction.  I think the strong debate performance by Mitt Romney on CNN with his very strong close will help Mitt win South Carolina in a squeaker.

Tales foretells South Carolina primary:

1. Mitt Romney 35.5%
2. Newt Gingrich 34.5%
3. Rick Santorum 16%
4. Ron Paul  13%
Others 1%

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