Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tweet of the Week

The tweet of the week on twitter comes from one of my great tribble friends.  Like all tribbles a great conservative, patriotic American!  She is Cathy from Colorado and her twitter address is  @photog357.
She generously gave me permission to post her tweet.  I show the video of the link she gives.

Tweet of the week: @photog357  Watch this & tell me Ron Paul isn't insane: @ 1:26, "Israel created Hamas to destabilize Arafat."


bradley said...

Yea sure, Israel created Hamas just like the pope invented condoms---- mr Paul, it is true that you are board certified, a board certified nut!!L

Big Mike said...

Brad, what is sad is he has these zealot followers who just follow him blindly. Thank God not enough to ever come close to winning the nomination.

As I said in the previous post, Iowa is the only state he has a chance in, and hopefully Iowans will come to their senses and not embarrass themselves.