Sunday, December 11, 2011

A True Sports Role Model

There is something magical going on with the Denver Broncos.  Unbelievably there was another 4th quarter comeback [after some unexplainable happenings], culminating in a 59 yard field goal to tie and then a 51 yard field goal in OT to win.  After watching this week after week after week, who is not a believer? 

QB Tim Tebow has led these comebacks in an almost unexplainable turn around from his play in the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter with his team down, Tebow seems to be at his best.  You can watch his play the first three quarters and think, 'what a bad quarterback'.  Then you watch his play in in the fourth quarter [during clutch time] and you say, 'what a winner'.  Whatever is happening is hard to explain, you just want to sit back and enjoy.

I am so happy for Tim Tebow and admire his heartfelt faith in God he displays.  Even to a casual observer, you can tell Tebow's faith is totally sincere.

I watched his after game press conference and was so impressed about his humility, classiness and goodness as a man. Tim Tebow knows where his talent has come from and is not afraid to say it. There is nothing fake about this good man. He is a true role model for young kids.  And he shows this humility in spite of all the inexplicable haters of this man.  I don't understand where this comes from.  They seem to mock him because of his strong faith.  Well, I for one want to say, I admire him for it.

I say, God Bless, Tim Tebow.  


Nonnie said...

Great post Michael! And I concur. But don't forget another "hero" in RG3 from your neck of the woods

Big Mike said...

Yes, I agree. Another great man of faith!!