Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Rubin Reports Will Help You Respond to Your Liberal Friends

Anyone who has any liberal relatives or friends who try to tell you that Obama has been supportive of Israel must read this Rubin Reports from the great American born Israeli Professor Barry Rubin.  The liberals will have their talking points and this article will help you answer those points.

The article entitled: "How is Obama Endangering Israel? Let Me Count the Ways."   "lists 27 things President Barack Obama has done to damage Israel's security."  

I like the way Professor Rubin lays out his points.  First he states questions from a liberal who is supportive of Obama and claims Obama is supportive of Israel.  Barry Rubin answers those questions point by point and shows why the positions of the liberal implied by those questions are fallacious.

Here's one example: the liberal: "Obama did cause the Palestinians to drop their U.N. maneuver of obtaining statehood without a negotiated peace."

Professor Rubin's response:
"The PA announced it was going to do this gambit around October 2010. Obama did nothing until almost a year later. He made no threat nor put any pressure on the PA. He had to take this stand or else veto in which case that would have been costly to him in the Arab world for sure. It is good that he did this but it was the absolute minimum, not some great concession to Israel. In other words, the Palestinian Authority broke all of its commitments to negotiate peace with Israel, the Obama Administration did nothing, blamed Israel, and after a year stopped the PA from formally wrecking everything so that we all went back to the previous situation. And this is proof of great support for Israel?" 

It is in the last Obama supporter's question "What specific policy of the current presidency is endangering Israel?"  where Professor Rubin gives his 27 specific reasons where this administration's  policies have endangered the security of Israel.

For those 27 reasons, please read this must read article here.

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