Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank you Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, was on Meet the Press with the Obama sycophant, smirking David Gregory. This was as a show sub titled "the economy and income inequality." [I guess Gregory thought he would help Obama's chances talking about Obama's favorite divisive issue of rich vs poor]

While Gregory kept trying to steer the direction on the issue of fairness, Senator Graham kept stopping him in his tracks with these questions: "Tell me, what is the right amount of taxes that the wealthy should pay to be fair?"  "How much is their fair share, Mr. President?"  "Give me a number."

I was saying out loud, "Thank you Lindsey!"  Finally, someone asked the question all Republicans should ask when Democrats and the divider in chief pose the fairness idea.  It is a question, of course that Obama and the liberal Democrats could never answer for two reasons: They know they would never be satisfied with any amount in taxes the wealthy pay.  It is not the amount, it is the issue.   Secondly, if they did give a number, then there would be a debate and compromise on that number, and if that number would be met, Obama and the Democrats could never bring up the class warfare issue of income inequality again, since the rich would then be paying their "fair share".  I think this proves the issue of fairness is bogus and only used to divide one American from another for political expediency.

When you saw Lindsey Graham bringing that question up three different times "Tell me how much is their fair share?" you saw the smirk go off David Gregory's face and both he and the Democrat on the panel Senator Dick Durbin sat there stoned face silent. 

Bravo Senator Graham!!

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