Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Paul makes the case...FOR IRAN.

Any patriotic American had to be startled by Ron Paul's positions on foreign policy during the Sioux City, Iowa debate on the Fox News Channel.   I used to think Ron Paul was just kooky.  I now think he is scary.  He couldn't control himself as he let his isolationist views spew out.   He opined 'what else could Muslims around the world think or do as we [America] go around killing all these Muslims' [basically justifying terrorists attacks on America and our assets from radical Muslims].

If that wasn't sickening enough you had Ron Paul making the case for Iran getting nuclear weapons, and taking Iran's position that they are no threat to our national security, and also for Iran's right to block the Straits of Hormuz.  Is Ron Paul the Iranian Ambassador to the United States or a presidential candidate?

Listen to this from the Fox News debate:

I wish the GOP had done in their debates what the Republican Jewish Coalition did at their recent convention by not inviting Ron Paul.  This man is no conservative Republican. Just like I said in a post about Donald Trump, I feel the same about Ron Paul; he could care less about the Republican Party or our eventual candidate against Obama.  This guy might actually run as an independent candidate after he does not receive the GOP nomination.  If he does, that could very well throw the election to Obama. 

I have always thought the RNC should make every participant in a GOP debate pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee as a condition to participate.  That would have kept Ron Paul out of the debates as he would never agree to support the eventual nominee.

In 1987 Ron Paul left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party, blasting Ronald Reagan as a big government spender on the way out.  Only for personal political expediency reasons [his being able to get elected] has he rejoined the Republican party.  He may run on the Republican ticket, but he is no Republican.

There is no GOP litmus test on the various issues of the day, and there shouldn't be.  But, just as we would not tolerate a racist being a member of the GOP, we should also not tolerate a 'blame America first' candidate in our party.  If I had my way, Ron Paul would not be welcome in the Republican Party.

Probably the only saving grace in Ron Paul getting so much air time during the debate is that it allowed patriotic Iowans and other GOP voters around the nation, to see just how dangerous this man's foreign policy views are.  Hopefully, Iowa caucus voters will come out in droves to make sure Ron Paul does not win their state's caucus and embarrass Iowa and the GOP.  Also, if he has a disappointing showing in Iowa, he might finally realize that the American people are not with him; and he may think twice about running as an independent and giving the election to Obama.

You have to give it to Ron Paul, he did make a passionate case the other night...for Iran.


bradley said...

While the Iranian government considers this man a sweet dream, he is a nightmare for the republicans and America!

Big Mike said...

Hopefully Brad,Iowans will give him a message by not giving him as big a vote total as he is expecting.

He of course will not come close to winning the GOP nomination, but I don't want him to get any ideas that he has a huge support base.

Anonymous said...

You know who is kooky, Asleep Conservatives and Neo Cons who think it is all right to go all over the world and perform High Tech Assassination, use our military for NWO whims, ship our jobs overseas and call it FREE TRADE, take Liberals (Newt & Romney) and call them Conservatives, fight wars on borrowed Chinese money, make the richest country in the world the most debtor country in the world, let a private bank cartel enslave us with debt of a fiat currency, have a fake war on drugs, while we protect the drugs in Afganistan, Let our borders be overran and then push for amnesty while voter fraud takes place, fight a war on terror against Al Qaeda and then support Al Qaeda in Libya, Must I go On. YOU GUYS NEED TO WAKE UP YOU SICKEN ME.

tell me where I am wrong!

From a Recovery Neo Con.

Big Mike said...

Hey vapor man, I appreciate your reading my blog and commenting, but sorry I think your comments show you are the one who needs to wake up. When the United States of America is attacked, to not think we have a right to defend ourselves is kooky.

And to think, like Ron Paul we brought the attacks of 9-11 on ourselves is more than kooky. It is unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

go on back to sleep, just watch your rights fade to dark all on a premis that Al Qaeda is going to get you. Conservatives like yourself make me sick. To be damn honest with you it was our fault. If Government would have done its job, not one of the 9-11 attackers would of been in this country. But the Neo Cons have done a number on America to the point that I named off about 10 things and what do you land on, the boogeyman is going to get you. Now they passed laws in the NDMM that Americans can be arrested and held without trial. See you in some FEMA camp one day and you will be muttering something about the Constitution most likely.