Thursday, December 15, 2011

RNC: Please, No More Debates on MSNBC

I couldn't understand how the GOP could have even entertained having any presidential debates on the leftist Obama favoring  network MSNBC.  Sean Hannity refers to them as MSDNC.  Who could disagree with that?

Well today [Wednesday] we have this unbelievable outrage from MSNBC. This from Real Clear Politics:  "MSNBC daytime anchor Thomas Roberts seizes on Mitt Romney's use of the phrase "Keep America America." The network claims the phrase plays homage to the Ku Klux Klan slogan of "Keep America American." According to left-leaning news outlets, the "Keep America American" expression was apparently used by the KKK in the early 1900s. Somehow the folks at MSNBC believe Mitt Romney is acknowledging his Klan roots by using a similar phrase in his 2012 campaign for the presidency."

How sick is that. Worse even then calling someone unfairly a racist, they basically called Romney a supporter of the evil, bigoted, murderous Ku Klux Klan.  How can any network get away with this?

The RNC chair Reince Priebus  should immediately call for the network to issue an apology and reprimand Roberts for making those comments.  Priebus then should state that the GOP will hold no more debates if the MSNBC network is involved.

I don't care whether you're a Romney supporter or not, we as Republicans cannot just let this pass without comment.  I am afraid this is an omen of how vile this 2012 election will become when the Republicans finally have their nominee. 

I predict Obama and his surrogates [which includes the MSM], in desperation, will play the race card and play it from the bottom of the deck.  The Democrats have played this hand in many races in the past, but I am afraid we have seen nothing yet.  We have seen this is a divisive president during his first three years in office.  So, what can we expect when the real campaign begins. I shutter to think.
UPDATEVia the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Wednesday in the 6:00 hour [central]:  Hugh played the audio clip where the liberal Chris Matthews [evening host on MSNBC] said those comments by Roberts were reprehensible and apologized for them.  So, I say thank you Chris Matthews.
You made a much needed heartfelt apology.

Even with that apology from Matthews, the RNC should still demand that Thomas Roberts be severely reprimanded.  Also, I still say, no more debates if MSNBC is involved.

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