Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Panic on CNN

I always schedule my break at work for 9:30 am Houston time to watch this show on CNN [the channel they always have on in the break room] called The Political Buzz, talking about [as they say] "the hot political topics of the day."  They always have a panel of three with a Democrat consultant, a supposed independent..who always happens to be a liberal, and a Republican consultant. And a lot of times the Republican they have on is about as conservative as David Frum or David Brooks.  So, fair and balanced on CNN, not so much..but what else is new.   The host will always ask three questions, and every time I have seen the show, they are questions that are framed in a way, hoping to embarrass the GOP.  I realize the Republicans are the ones in a nominating fight now, but I have never heard them couch one question in a way to embarrass president Obama or the Democrats.

I am really glad I didn't miss today's [Tuesday's] Political Buzz show as it turned out very interesting. The host was Kyra Phillips, who although a liberal, is very pleasant and seems like a nice person. So, I am not out to bash her, but what happened with her reaction was hilarious.  First let me tell you, the Democrat consultant [who is with the DNC] was Robert Zimmerman; the Republican was strategist Cheri Jacobus; and the so called independent was, 'who cares', it was some liberal I can't remember her name.   I love when they have Cheri Jacobus as the Republican, as unlike the others they have on, she is a true conservative and not afraid to be politically incorrect.

The first question host  Kyra Phillips asked was :"With the death of Kim Jong-Il, which made one of those "3 am phone calls moments",  which one of the GOP candidates is best able to answer that phone?"      I am not sure that was one of those "3 am phone call moments, but that's besides the point.

Kyra asked Cheri Jacobus to answer first. Wow, she was great. She turned the question around on it's head as she said all the Republicans with the exception of Ron Paul would be ready and able to answer that 3 am phone call. She went on to say how the one who is not up to it is president Obama. She said how he had been a disaster from one crisis to the next. She took most of the 30 seconds they are given to answer in correctly bashing Obama.  I loved it.  But the host Kyra's smile suddenly went away. You could almost seen the disdain on her face. She immediately went to the Democrat Robert Zimmerman, and you could almost read her mind, hoping he would put Cheri Jacobus in her place for dare
criticizing president Obama.  The question was set up to embarrass the GOP candidates, not Obama.

This is where the hilarity came in.  Robert Zimmerman's ear piece, you could tell wasn't working. Kyra said "Robert, Robert what is your response?"  He threw his hands up, like 'I can't hear' and you should have seen the look on Krya Phillips face.  Her look of disdain suddenly turned to panic.  She said "we have to get this straightened out."  Then she said "we are going to have to go on a break to fix Robert Zimmerman's ear piece. We can't continue, it wouldn't be fair not to hear the other side."

I had trouble containing myself from not laughing out loud.  Every show they have is two against one, and if you count the host, it is really three liberals against one conservative.  But Kyra Phillips was panicked that the one Republican Cheri Jacobus' word got out with out an immediate slap down.  This "Political Buzz" segment only lasts a few minutes, but the host Kyra was going to take a break because she was so flustered from Republican strategist Jacobus great response.

Before they could take a break [which would have been longer than the whole segment usually lasts] Robert Zimmerman finally signalled he could hear the show again. Almost breathlessly, Kyra said: "Wait, wait, I think we have Robert back with us. Robert are you there?'  He said yes.  She asked Robert if heard the question and response and he said, not really.  So, she asked him the question again. But this time she changed the question. This time she didn't ask which of the Republican candidates would be best to make that 3 am phone call, she asked Robert: "Which one of the people running for president in 2012 is best able to make that 3 am phone call?"  You knew by putting the question that way, he would say Barack Obama and then praise him, hoping  that would blunt what Cheri Jacobus had said.

All of that was hilarious enough, but for the coup de grace, Robert Zimmerman didn't even answer president Obama.     He said it was John Huntsman and then went on to praise him.

To think Kyra was going to take a break for that answer.  Kyra, sometimes it's just not your day. 
One final thought.  Does anyone think that if it was the Repbublican's ear piece that wasn't working the host would have said, "we need to take a break so we can be fair on what was just said?"   I don't think so.


Kim said...

That's hilarious! :D Thanks for my laugh of the day! :)

Big Mike said...

You're welcome Kim. Thanks for reading!!