Friday, December 30, 2011

Never Again?

These stories in 2011, somehow missed the headlines of the main stream media:

March 8, 2011 from Compass Direct : "Islamic Mob Burns Down Church in Egypt"  
‘Kill all the Christians,’ local Imam tells villagers."  "According to villagers, the mob broke into the Church of the Two Martyrs St. George and St. Mina, and as they chanted “Allahu Akbar [God is greater],” looted it, demolished the walls with sledgehammers and set a fire that burned itself out the next morning. Looters removed anything valuable, including several containers holding the remains of venerated Copts – most of whom were killed in other waves of persecution – then stomped and kicked the containers like soccer balls."

April 25, 2011 from Fox News: "60+ Churches Burned in Nigerian Muslim Stronghold"  "More than 60 churches were burned and thousands of Christian-owned homes destroyed in Nigeria's predominantly Muslim north."

May 11 2011  from the NewsReel blog: "Christians Cry for Help in the ‘New’ Egypt As Churches Are Burned"       "In Cairo on Saturday, May 7 Muslim protesters attacked two Coptic Christian churches. The rioters set one of the churches on fire. Twelve have been killed and over 200 injured in the violence."

August 7, 2011 from Compass Direct: "Coptic Christian Killed in Attack on Village" 
"“Any [Christian-owned] house close to a Muslim house was looted and attacked,” Thabet told Compass. “And if someone had stood up to them, they would have killed them."

Sept. 23, 2011 from The Christian Post: "More Than 100 Christians Killed in Nigeria’s Plateau State"  "A rash of attacks by armed Muslim extremists on villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state in the past month have left more than 100 Christians dead, including the elimination of entire families"

Sept. 30, 2011  from Compass Direct"Hard-line Muslims in Egypt Attack Coptic Church, Homes"     "Throng of 3,000, including Salafists, burn Christian-owned houses, businesses"  "Imams in more than 20 mosques called for crowds to gather and destroy the church and demolish the houses of the Copts and loot their properties.”

October 23, 2011 From The Israel National News: "Egyptian Muslims Burn Coptic Church in Aswan Province" "Egyptian Muslims have returned to "business as usual," with another attack on a Coptic Christian church, this one in Aswan."

Nov. 27, 2011 from Worthy Christian News: "Christians are still being killed in Plateau State, Nigeria."  "The Fulani Muslims were shouting "Allahu Akbar," [as they killed at least 45 Christians.]

December 25, 2011 From The Christian Post:  "Christmas Services Bombed in Nigeria; 39 Killed by Islamic Extremists"  "In horrific scenes some of those caught in the blast ran towards a priest with pleas to be blessed before they died."
We all know of the sickening evil and terror Jews faced during the Holocaust, as six million Jews, men, women and children, were slaughtered in ovens by the Nazis.  Their crime: They were Jewish.

Did you know that before the Holocaust, Jews were persecuted  in almost every country they lived in.  Why?  They were Jewish.

So, now we see in the Muslim world, especially exemplified in Egypt and Nigeria, Christians being persecuted against.  There has been violence against them and their churches. Many Christians have been murdered.  What crime have Christians committed that makes these radical Muslims do this to their own citizens?   They are Christians. 

You might ask me why I am I singling out radical Muslims attacks on Christians when they have wreaked terror across the world, without caring who the victims of their attacks are.  Yes, that is true. All of that evil should be decried.  But these are attacks and murders on their fellow citizens for one reason and one reason only-the religion of the people they are attacking. Just as the Ku Klux Klan's terror on blacks [just because they were black] many decades ago in our country and the Nazis attempt to exterminate the Jewish people just because they were Jewish, this violence by Muslim extremists should be condemned world wide by all leaders and people alike.  Yes, we have heard some generic comments from world leaders, like "the violence must stop", no- it should be "the violence perpetrated by radical Muslims on Christians must stop".

To me, this discrimination, violence and church burning by radical Muslims against their fellow citizen Christians  in Egypt and Nigeria, has been the most unreported story of the past year.   The silence from the news media and from the leaders of the world is deafening.

Never again?

One last thought.  I wonder how silent the world would be if Christians were burning down Mosques and killing Muslims, just because they were Muslims.  I think then the noise from the mainstream media would be deafening.

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