Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hugh Hewitt: "Bravo Mitt" for not attending the Trump "debate"

I agree 100% with the great conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt who tweeted:"Bravo Mitt" Romney on your decision not to attend the Trump debate.

I feel like Trump is only worried about one person in hosting this debate: Donald Trump. To me this is a publicity stunt for Donald Trump.

So, I applaud Mitt Romney for making this decision. You might ask me why I don't applaud John Huntsman and Ron Paul who also said they won't attend the so called debate.  That's because they have zero chance of winning the nomination, and their non appearance means nothing.  But Romney is either #1 or #2 in every poll for the nomination, so his decision not to attend makes him look like the adult in the room.

Bravo Mitt.  Good decision.  


bradley said...

My concern is that trump, in his cocky,gruff, egocentric way, may sabotage the chance to beat Obama ---- I wish both Gingrich and Romney would stay away--- if Gingrich wins the nomination AND trump is at his side all the way, I believe the moderate voters will be turned off and not vote, thus giving the country the tragedy of 4 more years of this travest we are now living!!

Big Mike said...

Yes, Brad Trump is only concerned about Trump. I am worried about that too.