Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

Tonight marks the first night of Chanukah.  As we light one candle on the menorah, I want to wish my brothers Brad and Sandy and my sister Susan and their spouses, and all my relatives, and all of my other Jewish brothers and sisters, a Happy Chanukah!

I think you will like this light hearted and hilarious video from Adam Sandler on Chanukah:


Note: Some of  you may be confused as you saw our Prez celebrating Chanukah a couple of weeks ago in the White House.  I am going to give him some slack as he was planning on being in Hawaii this week for another, I mean for a vacation; but those fireworks to celebrate the next Fourth of July may have gone a little too far.


bradley said...

Thanks big mike, and an early merry Christmas and new year to those who celebrate that great holiday--- may 2012 bring us a new president that will put the great USA first , as we all have to deal with a fanatic religious move to destroy freedom , and many ignorant isolationist Americans who wouldn't know a terrorist even if one was blowing up his family!

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother....you should be the one with the blog. You have a fantastic way of getting directly to the point in a succint, no holds barred way!!