Thursday, December 8, 2011

GOP hopefuls shine at the Republican Jewish Coalition

As a proud member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, I wish I could have been at their presidential forum at the winter meeting in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday December 7, 2011.  It sounded like a great forum. In their great wisdom they excluded Ron Paul.

There was great interest of course for the two leading candidates for the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. I really liked Mitt Romney's speech. What a contrast to the current president who made his first foreign stop to the Muslim world in Egypt. Mitt Romney said he will make his first visit to Israel. In three years as president, Barack Obama has yet to visit Israel [he went as a candidate].

While I really liked Romney and would be proud to call him president of the United States of America, I loved Newt's speech.  With passion he addressed many issues of the day. I have an excerpt from C-Span here.   Especially I think you will love, like I did, his rhetoric from 18:35 to about 19:50.

Hat Tip: C-Span:

To hear this whole speech and to hear the other Republican hopefuls, please click on this C-span link.

Newt with his great debates and this speech is making it awfuly hard for me to decide between him and Romney.  I thought I was leaning toward Mitt Romney because of his electability, but now I think I am leaning toward Newt.  More and more he is convincing me he can win this thing [i.e., beat Obama].

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