Monday, December 5, 2011

Et tu Leon

The divider in chief, who says he hates to pat himself on the back, but says he has done more for the security of Israel than any other president, sends out another one of his surrogates to stab Israel in the back.
This time it is Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, who made this amazing statement:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on Israel Friday [Dec. 2] to "reach out and mend fences" with Turkey, Egypt and other security partners in the Middle East, saying he is troubled by the Jewish state's growing isolation in the volatile region.

He also urged Israeli leaders to do more to restart peace talks with the Palestinians...

What the hell is Panetta talking about?   Mend fences with who exactly, Leon Panetta, the Muslim Brotherhood?  With the aid of Obama's approval, the Islamists, through their surrogate, the Muslim Brotherhood, is taking the Arab Spring [like Egypt] countries by storm. And at this dangerous time, Panetta says Israel needs to reach out to these people that want to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.

More incredibly Panetta, I am sure with the urging from the man who doesn't want to pat himself on the back, said that Israel needs to do more to restart peace talks with the Palestinians.  First of all how can you restart peace talks that were never started in the first place.  And this lack of peace talks starting in the first place was not due to Israel, but to the Palestinians unwillingness of accepting a Jewish state of Israel.   Also, I ask, what is the "more" that Panetta wants Israel to do?  I guess giving into Obama's idea that the '67 borders should be the starting point would be that "extra effort" from Israel, huh Leon?

Just the opposite of what Obama told a group of "useful idiot" Jewish donors to his campaign, this president has done more to harm the security of Israel then all of the other presidents combined.  President Obama may talk how he has Israel's back, especially when we near election time, but his actions and words from his surrogates shows this friend of the Palestinians and Muslim Brotherhood, is no friend of Israel.

Please read this article from the great American born Israeli Professor Barry Rubin in his Rubin Report: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta shows how the Obama administration is selling out Israel and U.S. interests.
Then  from The Weekly Standard: Blaming Israel First  we have this sickening pablum from one of Obama's biggest fund raisers in 2008.
Dec 3, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER

"The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, has been under fire for saying that Israel is responsible for Muslim anti-Semitism, comments he made last week at a European conference on anti-Semitism. 
This controversial Ambassador to Belgium, Gutman was a major fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He bundled at least $500,000 for Obama, according to, and has been a major donor to the Democratic National Committee."
So, moments after the delusional Obama said he has done more for Israel's security than any other president, we have two of his spokesman blaming Israel for the dangerous situation they are in.

It's the Jews fault.  It's always the Jews.


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