Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is the first president I cannot call a patriot.

After the Supercommittee announced they could not come up with an agreement [oh what a shock that is] out came our divider-in-chief.  While almost every speech Obama has given since he became president is partisan, this had to be one of the most demagogic, lying, partisan speeches I have ever heard.

President Obama [it hurts me to even type those words] said only the Democrats have come up with plan after plan to cut our debt and the Republicans only say no.  That is a bald faced lie.  It is just the opposite of what he said.  It is only the Republicans who have come up with plans [like the Ryan
budget plan] and SenatorToomey and Rep Hensarling [to the chagrin of most of us conservatives] in the Supercommittee. It is the Democrats who say no.  They won't even offer an alternative. By the way president Obama, where the hell is your plan? Where the hell is your leadership?

Smugly president Obama spouted  "I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense."   Think of what this means people. Almost every person who is knowledgeable about defense, like John Bolton and Obama's own secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, have said these cuts would be devastating to the defense of our country.

So, for the president of the United States to say he will veto any attempt to get rid of those defense cuts, I can only conclude this president does not care about the national security of the United States.

The Democrats say the automatic cuts were meant to be brutal.  Brutal?  These defense cuts are not brutal to you, they are your life long dream.  You want those cuts as much as Obama wants them.  They are brutal to the national security of our country.  These will be devastating cuts to our defense and you don't give a damn. Shame on you, Democrats. Shame on you, president Obama.

You might ask me, 'didn't he also say he wants the domestic cuts to happen too?'  Isn't that his side [liberals] taking a hit?     But, as I stated in my post on August 1, the domestic cuts have a proviso which says there will be no cuts to the recipients. So, people will still receive their food stamps, welfare payments, social security, medicare, etc.  That means the cuts will come from doctors and hospitals.  Again, this is what the Democrats and president Obama want in the first place.

So, all the cuts, which Obama says must happen or he will veto, will be payments to doctors, hospitals [i.e., part of the Obamacare plan] and defense.  This is heaven to these leftists/socialists.

I am sorry as you probably can read anger from me in this post; if so, you are good readers.  This really upsets me how demagogic, divisive and un patriotic our president is.

I know this post will be controversial because it is so politically incorrect to call our president un patriotic; but  what else should I call a  president that cares more about his re election, than the national security of the country he is president of?


bradley said...

Helen Keller who of course was born deaf, blind and unable to speak, would herself be able to see and agree with your sad conclusion---- never in my life 58 years, have I felt there was a president like this who one could wonder without bias is he really pro-American , would he really protect American on all fronts In a time of need--- so so sad

Big Mike said...

Yes, it is Brad. Thanks Brother!!