Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Politico's smear against Herman Cain.

Really Politico?  You dig deep for sexual harassment accusations against Herman Cain over 12 years ago and splash it on the front page of your biased web site. He has responded that he has never sexually harassed anyone in his over 40 years as a businessman.  These two women are the only charges of sexual harassment made against Cain in his long career.  Most of the time it seems that a person who truly commits sexual harassment does so on a frequent basis against many women [as the serial abuser Bill Clinton demonstrated].     I believe Herman Cain and do not believe he has ever committed sexual harassment.

Just the accusation of sexual harassment was made a big deal by feminists and liberals during the time a conservative black man, Clarence Thomas, was accused by one woman. Forget about whether those accusations were true or not [and in my personal opinion, Anita Hill was proved to be an out and out liar], just the accusation to the left meant that they were true.

Then when liberal  favorite Bill Clinton was accused by woman, after woman, after woman, of sexual harassment and worse, the response from the left and feminists was, 'never mind.'   During the Clinton immoral debacle, was born and they told us that one's personal life meant nothing in how one governs.

Now, with these accusations against Herman Cain brought by, watch how just the accusation of sexual harassment will be deemed serious again.  You may even begin to see a revival attempt [which will fail] of the feminist movement.

I know this gets tiresome to hear, but the shameless double standard of the left knows no bounds.  I truly believe the left in this country is terrified of  a conservative Republican black man gaining power.  The left wing media will do everything in their power to make sure Cain goes down. They do not want to see a conservative black man win the GOP nomination.

I am hoping and praying Herman Cain will be vindicated. If that happens, this will backfire big time on Politico, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the left wing media.  Instead of destroying Cain, it would launch his campaign in a big way.  And I am saying this as someone who likes Herman Cain, but has not chosen him as my candidate, yet.   I want to see how the campaign plays out and determine who will be the best bet to beat Obama.  If it is Cain, I will support him. If I determine it is someone else, I will support them. 

One more point. If this story was tipped to Politico by one of the GOP candidates, with their knowledge, that candidate will be through. I don't believe that happened but if it did, that candidate may as well get out of the race now.

Politico, I have a tip for you about one of the presidential candidates for 2012.  I have personal knowledge that one of the presidential candidates [in a time period closer today than the Herman Cain allegations against him] had a pastor for 20 years, that was also his friend and mentor, that spewed anti Semitic and anti America venom from the pulpit.  This pastor, who I say again was this candidate's mentor, glorified the 9-11 attacks on America by saying "America's chickens, have come home to roost." This pastor, who was this candidate's mentor, said "G- D- America".  This pastor, who was this candidate's mentor, accused Jews in Israel of apartheid and worse.  This pastor, who was this candidate's mentor, glorified the anti Semite Louis Farrakhan and even put this candidate, who he mentored,  along with Farrakhan on the cover of the church's magazine.

You have my blessing to dig into that story and see what you can come up with.  Also, I give you permission to use my name as your source, so this story will have more credibility than most of your stories.

One more story you really should go after Politico.  This from Hugh Hewitt on his radio show: You should go after the Rashid Khalidi/Barack Obama tape that the LA Times has in their possession but will not release.  In 2003 there was a party in Chicago which included Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi - once the mouthpiece for master terrorist Yasser Arafat and the PLO.  It is said that Obama lavished heavy praise on Khalidi, but the American people are denied being able to see that as the LA Times has suppressed that video tape. 

You want to gain back some of your lost credibility.  Go after a real story, like the one Hugh Hewitt suggested. Otherwise, you can remain one of the smear merchants of the left. It's up to you.

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