Friday, November 18, 2011

Political gaffes not deemed important by the media.

I cringed the other day, when I saw nice man Herman Cain stumble badly in a Perry like pause, when asked a simple question on foreign policy [i.e., "Did you agree with president Obama's policy on Libya?"].

The reason I cringed is because I really like Herman Cain. I admire his being the first to start the conversation on tax reform with his 9-9-9 plan and I like his plunging into this presidential run with a smile and always a positive attitude.  I knew then that my hope for him to really show some improvement on the foreign policy front was not going to happen. I very much was hoping that I could support this good man but realize I just can't support a man for president from our party with such a lack of knowledge on foreign policy.  I am resigned to the conclusion with what most pundits have been saying all along, that Cain cannot win the nomination.  What upsets me is the smear campaign, started by Politico, that Mr. Cain and his family had to endure. Trust me, I do not believe those charges against him and that has zero to do with me deciding he will not be my candidate.  I really hate the smear against him, especially after seeing his graceful wife being interviewed by Greta Van Susteran. What an impressive, elegant woman.  Mr. Cain, no matter what happens with your campaign, you are blessed to have such a supporting wife by your side.

All that being said, I am sad to say I must bring out other gaffes by this good man the media somehow missed. Do some of you remember this embarrassment:

Oh, I am so sorry.  I must have embedded the wrong video. That is not Herman Cain but some other guy who was running for president.

Wait, I've got the video of the gaffe that for some reason the media hasn't played over and over again by Cain. This one may really make you cringe: 

Oops, I embarrassed now.  That again was the other guy and not Herman Cain.

I think I have found it now.  This is the gaffe by Cain the liberal media for some reason is covering up.  What's your excuse on this one, Herman?  You've been on the road a lot, it's been a long campaign and you were tired.  I don't think you will be able to make people forget the image of this bumbling, stumbling not ready for prime time performance.  I hate to be the bearer of such a 'cover your eyes' gaffe, but since the main stream media won't do it, I feel it is my duty:

As you could see, I mistakenly put on the wrong video again.  I guess you can excuse my mistake as this other guy sure had a lot of embarrasing gaffes when he was running for president last time.

Am I wrong or did the other gaffe guy not get lambasted and made fun of for his mumbling and bumbling when he was running for president, as the GOP candidates are now?

I guess those videos also show when you take a supposed "great" speaker away from his teleprompters, he becomes a fish out of water.

Maybe the only good thing about all the attention of the embarrassing gaffes the GOP candidates running for president are getting by the liberal media, when the other guy makes one of his gaffes in this election run this time, that will be covered too.    Oh, wait a second, he's a liberal Democrat.  Never mind.


bradley said...

Moderate and conservative republicans have to defeat the media AND the liberal agenda that creates government dependent voters--- a daunting task -- we must put up a candidate that will attract the moderate dems and republicans, not just the ultra conservative -- if not , the media will pull another one out for this ridiculously incompetant bozo in WH! I still say that is Romney plus??

Big Mike said...

I agree with your comments entirely brother. While it looks like Romney is most electable now, I have not discounted Newt. I know he has baggage but Newt has shown in the debates he is smart enough to turn around the media onslaught on him that will surely come. And boy would I live to see Newt debate Obama. Romney looks like the lone now but Newt looks like he has matured enough in his style to win it all. It will be one of those two and I will support 100% whichever one it is. I am still hoping Marco Rubio can be convinced to join the ticket for the good of the country. I think that ticket would be a lock!!