Monday, November 14, 2011

Newt schools clueless journalist.

For those of us who thought CNN and MSNBC were bad hosts of the GOP presidential debates, we might reassess in light of the CBS/National Journal debate on Saturday night.  CBS Scott Pelley was extremely irritating.  Watch this video with the inept Pelley trying to "educate" Newt Gingrich on the law concerning killing enemy combatants. After Pelley's initial question and Newt's answer look at the obnoxious smirk on Pelley's face as he arrogantly and mistakenly spouts to Newt what the rule of law is.    Then watch Newt Gingrich smack down the liberal journalist with logic and facts of what the rule of law really is.

Think about it.  The clueless Pelley trying to educate the former Speaker of the House on the rule of law, is like a sports reporter trying to tell Albert Pujols how to hit home runs.


bradley said...

Like many liberals , their law is the law they make up that fits their agenda----- sickening

Big Mike said...

Exactly Brad!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to this clip, Big Mike! Newt's right. And it's his clear logic that is gaining my support toward his nomination. I'm trying to imagine what Cain would have said, and coming up blank.

Even Newt's anger at this stupid question makes him look like someone I want leading America. Obama would have given a nine minute non-answer.


soopermexican said...

It's incredible how often they claim that the right wing is anti-intellectualism and stupid, when so many of our positions depend on well-versed understanding of law, philosophy and history. Compare this to Bush's rationale to invade Iraq, and whether water-boarding is torture. This is why I like Newt - the other candidates might have the right positions, but no one can argue those positions with such skill and knowledge. gooo nooot!!

Big Mike said...

Great points big Dave and sooper dooper. This is making me take a close look at Newt as the man!!