Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mozart's 25th rondo

It's symphony night again for the fetching Mrs B and I tonight at Jones Hall.  This program from the Houston Symphony will feature Tchaikovsky's symphony #3 and Mozart's Piano concerto #25. Remember,what Mrs B and I hear at Jones Hall you will hear...well, at least a little portion of it. 

Mozart's piano concerto #25 at the time was not considered one of his greater concertos but now this is considered one of Mozart's better concertos. The third movement, which I am putting on today is in rondo form.   Remember rondo is where there is a main theme exhibited at the beginning. Then it keeps reoccurring after contrasting episodes. Usually in the rondo form you will hear the principle theme occurring at least 4 times. 

This concerto in C Major [although, a minor key is briefly displayed]  ends confidently and triumphantly in the bright C Major key.

For those wanting to know more about the rondo form, hear the principle theme introduced by the full orchestra at the beginning [from 1-13]; hear that reoccur by the soloist from the 2:42-2:53 marks and repeated by the orchestra; then it comes a'round' again in the 5:26-5:37 marks [repeated by the orchestra]; and comes a'round' one last time from the pianist at marks 7:16-7:27.

W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto #25 in C Major, movement 3, Allegretto:

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