Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain: Show Me the Outrage.

Here comes a woman publicly accusing Herman Cain of not just sexual harassment, but if true,  sexual assault  from 15 years ago.  When this lady comes out on TV with Gloria Allred by her side, it makes her allegations suspect to me.  This supposed Republican from Chicago [there's an oxymoron right there] who said she really was hesitant to come out with these charges, just happens to hire the liberal Democrat activist/donor Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred is, hands down, the Olympic champion of trial lawyer ambulance chasers. She jumps in front of  a TV camera faster than Sheila Jackson Lee does at a State of the Union address.

Having said all that, because there is specific charges from a woman on camera, Herman Cain must address this issue. It is not like allegations from anonymous accusers who allege his words made them feel uncomfortable.  These are specific charges of what could be described an assault.

I think there are two things Herman Cain must do. First he must come out and tell the world that these allegations are totally false and he is outraged by them. Once again he should say he has never sexually harassed anyone.

The second thing he should do comes via Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity program. He said Cain should  tell the National Restaurant Association to release the documents on the investigation from the first two women.  Morris believes, as I do, those documents will show Cain told the truth and it will put a damper into any new allegations [like this lady's].  The NRA has already stated that there was an agreement and not a settlement. That is exactly what Cain said.  I think the whole report will vindicate him against sexual harassment charges and that would make this new charge suspect.

Mr. Cain, I am worried if you don't address this, unfair as it is, it will begin to erode your support.  I don't want that to happen.

While I believe this woman is into more of "show me the money", I want Herman Cain to "show me the outrage."  A charge like that, if false, would be outrageous.  To not treat it as such will make some people wonder why.

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