Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Herman Cain Fights Back!

I have been critical of  Herman Cain in two of my previous posts.  First  I was critical on gaffes in foreign policy and recently on his handling of these sexual harassment allegations.   In a post yesterday, I said Herman Cain had to come out strong against these specific accusations personally and without any doubt or these allegations would basically doom his campaign. 

Now, I must praise Herman Cain.  He came out today in his press conference defending his character and reputation in a complete, unequivocal denial of these allegations.  He said he didn't even know who the woman was with Gloria Allred, and didn't know the name.  He believes he has never even met her, and I believe Herman Cain.  Herman Cain was strong and forceful in his denial. He said he would be willing to take a lie detector test.  I wonder if the accuser is willing to take a lie detector test?

The media tried to foster division within the GOP ranks, as one reporter asking Cain what he thought of Mitt Romney saying that these accusations by Bialek were disturbing. Cain wouldn't bite and I appreciate that.  Cain said Mitt Romney has honesty and integrity and doesn't think he meant by that he believes the accusations, only that they were disturbing. Cain said he also believes the accusations are very disturbing. He said they are false, but of course they are disturbing.

Now we have a complete "he said, she said" scenario.  Public opinion will be swayed by who do you believe: Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred, or Herman Cain.     I believe Herman Cain.

Herman Cain, you did what I was hoping you would do in my post from yesterday.   Without this, I really believe you would have been finished as a presidential candidate.   Now, I believe your press conference could actually help your campaign.  

With Herman Cain fighting back, we have not seen the end of his presidential run.  I am not predicting he will win the nomination, but I am not ruling it out either, like most pundits.

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