Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Job Rich Lowry.

I want to compliment National Review's Rich Lowry for doing a great job on Meet the Press. He was outnumbered 5-1 as he was the only conservative on Gregory's "intellectual" panel of educators, and historians: Michael Eric Dyson, Michael Beschloss, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Meacham, and Lowry. You might say Lowry was  the one supposed non "intellectual" on the panel, but he was surely the one with the most common sense.   You might ask, how could I say Lowry was outnumbered 5-1, when I only named four other non conservatives on the panel.  Of, course, because I included the "moderator" David Gregory.  Gregory should be given the new acronym: MINO.  Moderator in name only.  In reality, Gregory acts like a Democrat spokesman and Obama sycophant with his one sided questioning.

Lowry had all of the important sound bites from the panel.  When asked if National Review would endorse a candidate like Manchester's New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper did [endorsing Gingrich], Lowry stated: "We are still mulling that over and haven't decided yet, but watch our offices for a little puff of white smoke."

Lowry, on the surging Newt Gingrich, said that if Newt can get by these next six weeks without making some outrageous gaffe and then wins Iowa, he will "be set up for one hell of a run." I took that to mean, like when sports fans talk about how one team could have a hell of a run in the playoffs, that he can win the whole thing.     I agree with that analysis. If  Newt does win Iowa, finishes second in New Hampshire and then wins South Carolina, he will win the GOP nomination.

Lowry's best moment came after Michael Eric Dyson's outrageous charge that Republicans, with the tea party's rise, seem to be getting back to their racists roots.  You could see the disdain on Rich Lowry' face.  Gregory immediately went to break.  Gregory came back and deviously asked Lowry a diversionary question, hoping he would just let Dyson's ignorant rhetoric stand without any response.  Rich wouldn't fall for it as he told David Gregory, I want to get back Michael Dyson's comments.  He asked the obvious question: "How could the GOP and the tea party be so racist with their whole hearted embrace of African American Herman Cain."      Michael, "its always about race", Dyson made some obnoxious comment, wondering who Herman Cain was. Why didn't you just say he's an Uncle Tom like you wanted to say Dyson?

Thanks Rich, I was so upset with Dyson's divisive racial invective and more upset with Obama spokesman Gregory seeming to let it pass.  God Bless you for that, Rich Lowry.

Again, great job Rich Lowry on Meet the Press!

On one final note, what the hell is Michael Beschloss doing on any panel representing himself as this scholarly historian?  Does anyone remember this laughable stupidity from Beschloss?:


bradley said...

great post--i just hope, whoever is the gop candidate, that there will be total support from the tea party and all republicans--- we will need that to defeat the obama media blitz

Big Mike said...

We will get it Brad I am positive as the one over riding goal of all conservatives (not counting libertarians) is defeating Barack Obama. It is down to two I think. Mitt or Newt. I'll support either one 100%.