Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barry Rubin: Brothers in Arms

Everyone please read American born Israeli Professor Barry Rubin's great article: Brothers in Arms: The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over the (Sunni) Arab World

Professor Rubin: "On November 28, Egyptians will vote for a parliament which will also write the country’s new constitution. The Western media at first told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was weak and unimportant as well as moderate. Now, when it’s too late, the Western media is admitting they are strong and radical. But the Obama Administration insists they are strong and moderate."

The bottom line as Professor Barry Rubin sees it: "There’s a new power in the Middle East. It is an alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood groups already ruling the Gaza Strip (Hamas), Egypt and Tunisia (likely to be ruling parties), Libya, Syria, and Jordan. That’s pretty impressive.

They are all dedicated to revolution (even if it has to be achieved through the ballet box) and genocide against the Jews in Israel.

And the U.S. government supports them."

Please read this article in its entirety here.

Also, please go to Barry Rubin's great web site: The Rubin Report


bradley said...

The damage that this president has done to Israeli /US relations is historic and we can only pray Israel survives the effects of his constant badgering of the only real friend we have in the middle east!!

Big Mike said...

Yes, prayers and a new president are essential, Bradley.