Monday, November 14, 2011

And who has to deal with you everyday?

Well president Obama was overheard saying derisively to French president Sarkozy that he "has to deal with him [Israel's prime minister Bibi Netanyahu] everyday".

Well, we have a new poll that has come out. I think this poll probably would be rare from an American audience.  No matter how low approval ratings an American president has, Americans pride in their country almost always has their president rated above the other foreign leaders.  But "a poll conducted by the group Greenberg Quinlan Rosner found that 52.3 percent of Americans rate Netanyahu positively, compared to 51.5 percent for Obama," reports Israel Today Magazine. "The results of the poll were enthusiastically discussed on Israel's Channel 10 News on Thursday."

Maybe this is Americans way of saying: 'we have to deal with him [Obama] everyday.'


bradley said...

Everyday until January, 2013!

Big Mike said...

It can't come soon enough!