Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who says Obama doesn't have heart?

President Obama was at a fund raiser in Orlando, FL. on Tuesday.
THE PRESIDENT:  ........  "I have to say that backstage I had the chance to see Dwight Howard and Dwight is a great friend, and I told him I’m a little heartbroken that the NBA season is getting delayed here.    So I’m hoping those guys are back on the court soon." 

So, the cool, calm Obama shows his emotional side.  He is heart broken.  About the millions unemployed? The millions underemployed? The fact that this country is so divided now, with one group pitted against another. The housing disaster? The massacre of  the Copts in Egypt?--No. 

His heart is broken about the fact that the NBA players are having two weeks of games cancelled.  Ah, that sensitive man.  Go ahead, Barack. It's okay for a man to cry.

Well, I guess there are some millionaires who Obama doesn't consider evil. 

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JoeBillScott said...

He is completely detached from the disaster he has caused.