Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unusual, Illogical Analysis From Rush Limbaugh

I like to listen to Rush Limbaugh because he usually gives, insightful, a lot of times humorous, and sometimes even brilliant analysis of the political scene.   Today was not one of those days.

In writing this post I am just giving my analysis of Rush's faulty logic on today's topic and not endorsing or criticizing any of the GOP candidates for president.

I am very excited about watching tonight's GOP debate with an open mind.   [Go Herman Cain]  :)

Rush stated today that the White House has concluded the one person in the GOP field that they can beat is Mitt Romney. He said this many times on today's show.  He said the White House is convinced that if Romney is the nominee, it is a slam dunk win for Obama.

With that in mind, Rush also talked about a report coming out that says Romney's aides had many meetings in the White House about Romney's health care plan for Massachusetts and that one time they even met with president Obama to discuss how to establish Obamacare with those same ideas.  

Rush said this report is leaked by the White House so that Romney won't wrap up the nomination early and they want to cause chaos in the GOP nomination process, like Rush's "operation chaos" meant to cause chaos in the Hillary vs Obama match up.  This doesn't make any sense. If the Obama team is sure the one person they can beat is Mitt Romney, and that they would lose to any other conservative GOP candidate, then why would they try to cause chaos and derail Romney's chances at the GOP nomination.  They would want the one man they can beat [in their eyes] to wrap up the nomination as soon as possible and not take a chance on him not winning the GOP nomination.

Make no mistake, if this report is exactly true as the White House has leaked it, this would not just derail Romney's nomination, it would end it, because there is no way the GOP would elect a man who sent his aides in to help construct Obamacare.  The White House knows this.   Coming from the White House I am very dubious about this report.  I doubt  these were really key aides to Romney and I doubt that Romney knew anything about this and I also doubt that Obama used Romneycare to establish his Obamacare. 

It can't be both ways Rush.  If the White House really can't wait to run against Romney because they know he is the one man they can beat, they wouldn't be putting out a report that will end that chance of running against Romney.  On the other hand, they would be leaking such a report if they were trying to derail the Romney nomination, because they fear running against him. They would be putting out such a report  if they were convinced they could not beat Romney.

I love you Rush, but your analysis on this one didn't make any sense to me.  You're still 98.6% right on. :-)

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