Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The truth to CNN

On three occasions, on my lunch break at work, I have seen this segment on CNN  they call their truth o meter. This is when they put out comments by politicians and then have this "non biased" person determine if their statements are true or not.

The first two times I saw it [and it was like in two different weeks] they had the statements of two Republican politicians and one Democrat politician. On both occasions, their expert determined that the statements from the Republicans were not true and the statement from the Democrat politician was for the most part true. Surprise, surprise.

Now maybe that's not a good barometer as I only saw those two segments at random, and that it was just a coincidence that the segments I saw had the four Republicans not telling the truth [to them] and the two Democrats were telling the truth [to them]. So, I won't make too much of that.

Now on Monday [yesterday] I got to see another of CNN's "truth o meter" segment and it was about comments by Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.  The reason they focused on those three is because CNN is having their Republican debate tonight and those are three of the leading contenders.  Well I will give you one wild guess as to what they found.  According to their expert, again all three of the GOP leaders statements were determined to be "somewhat" false.   I'm not saying there was a lot of spinning going around, but I was sure dizzy when I had to go back to work.

Well maybe you could say it was just one more coincidence.   Then came the comment from the host of that segment Juliane Malvieux after the results were revealed.  The non biased host said: "Let's hope we can hear "some" truth in the debate tomorrow." 

Well here is my opinion about Julianne Malvieux.  She is a biased liberal Democrat who hates Republicans.         And that's the real truth!

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