Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Statements of hate

As long as Herman Cain was shown to be in the lower tier of the GOP nomination for president,  the left had been quiet about him.   Now with Herman Cain's great ascendancy in the race, the left is unloading with their typical race card bigotry.  This time the race card is being  played by liberal Democrat blacks against a conservative black man.

As long as Cain posed no real threat for the nomination, these liberals were able to hide their bigotry. Now their fear that a black man [who calls for self reliance, conservative principles, and American exceptionalism] might actually win, they can no longer keep quiet.

Herman Cain's message is an anathema to the left, especially to the leaders of the black community.  Herman Cain's message is that while racism still exists in America, this country affords great opportunity for blacks to rise economically. He feels blacks should not use race as an excuse for their failure to do so.

This has prompted professor Cornell West on CNN to call for Herman Cain to "get off the symbolic crack pipe" [can you imagine the outrage and cries of racism if a conservative told a liberal black man to get off the crack pipe]:

Harry  Belafonte, who was on the far left's Joy Behar show, went even further in hateful speech. He said Herman Cain was "denied intelligence", that "prayers weren't intended for him" and he called Cain a“bad apple” who has no authority to talk about the pride of people of color:

Does invoking the principles of conservatism deserve the kind of vitriolic hate speech that it has received from West and Belafonte?

My prediction: if  Herman Cain continues to gain traction and keeps rising in the polls, the outrageous comments against him on the left will multiply exponentially.
Every time some individual or pastor on the right makes an outrageous and or bigoted comment, every single Republican that comes on the Sunday news shows are asked if they denounce those comments ...and asked "what does that say about Republicans....yadah, yadah, yadah."

So, in my dream of fairness by the main stream media,  my wish is that they would ask every Democrat candidate running in the next election, including president Obama, if they denounce the derogatory rhetoric by West and Belafonte.  Also, as they would do to a Republican candidate,  ask them 'what does it say about their party', that these Democrats would use such derogatory language about a black man.  

I am not holding my breath, as my dream for fairness and lack of a double standard by the main stream media is a nightmare for them.

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