Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's not Cain's 9-9-9 plan, but naivety on foreign policy that could stop his quest for the nomination.

Hat Tip: From the man who this blog's name came from, the great American patriot Hugh Hewitt.
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Wolf Blitzer interviewed Herman Cain today on CNN and he talked about Israel releasing over 1000 Palestinian prisoners for the young Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit.  Cain gave a reasonable response to that while it seemed on the face of it, not a good deal, Prime Minister Netanyahu had all the facts that we don't have and made what he thought was a correct decision.  He wouldn't second guess Netanyahu.  That was a good answer and if the interview had stopped there, Cain would have been okay.

Then came Wolf's follow up question [Wolf said his final question of the day].  Cain's naive, weak response showed an unbelievable lack of knowledge on foreign policy issues.  It is this issue, not his 9-9-9 plan, that makes him a dubious choice for the GOP nomination.  Wolf Blitzer's question was: "If you were the president and Al Qaida demanded the release of all Guantanamo terrorists for the release of one American soldier held hostage for a long time by them, could you make that transfer?" 

“I could see myself authorizing that kind of transfer,” Cain told Wolf Blitzer   “I would make sure that I got all of the information, I got all of the input, considered all of the options. ...but as president  I could make that call if I had to.”

What? You could make that call?  No Mr. Cain you don't even think about releasing someone like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, not to mention all of the terrorists at Gitmo, for the release of a hostage, because Al Qaida demanded it.  Your answer should have been, hell no. America does not negotiate with terrorists and we sure don't listen to the demands of Al Qaida.  

Trust me, I am no foreign policy expert, but even I would not get this answer wrong.  Mr. Cain's response was scarily naive.  If he gives any more answers like this, his campaign is through.

During the debate on Tuesday night on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked Cain about his response. Cain tried to walk back his response saying he wouldn't negotiate with terrorists.  Cooper asked him if he was wrong in saying what he did to Wolf,  that he would consider making such a swap with Al Qaida.  Cain said he didn't take Wolf to mean Al Qaida demands.  Cooper assured him that was exactly what Wolf asked him. 

It is either disingenuous for Herman Cain to say that he didn't realize what Wolf was asking him or such a total lack of foreign policy knowledge to make him disqualified, I believe, to be president.

When Anderson Cooper interviewed Herman Cain after the debate, Mr. Cain finally admitted he misspoke and made a mistake in his answer.  He said he would never negotiate with terrorists and he just gave a wrong answer to Wolf Blitzer.  Thank you for that Herman Cain.  I know you are new to this and that  everyone makes mistakes, but you can afford no more like this or your campaign will be finished.

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