Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Hypocrite in Chief

Well, I guess it's back to the let's be civil tone again...oh, of course, that only applies to Republicans and conservatives.   With all of the unbelievable amount of hate speech coming from the left, our president, speaking at the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign,  called  the GOP candidates "unpresidential for remaining silent" while [he said] "the audience [at GOP debate] booed a gay member of the military".

First of all that is a lie. Obama made it seem like the entire audience booed and that they were booing him because he was in the military and was gay.  There were only one or two boos out of the 5000 people in attendance.  Also, they weren't booing the military man because he was gay or because he was in the military. They only booed the question he asked.  I didn't like the booing but never thought it was because he was gay.  The fact that 99+% of the audience didn't boo, meant nothing to our liar in chief.  That didn't fit his narrative of trying to portray the Republican candidates as bigots.

President Obama told the crowd that he doesn't believe "in staying silent" when a young man in uniform is booed, adding that a Commander-in-chief would have stood up for this young man.

Oh, really Mister president, you don't believe in staying silent?   Well how about when you hear hate speech of your fellow Americans [whether or not they are in the military]?  Do you think it appropriate for the commander in chief  to stay silent then? 

From my previous post, does anyone remember this from Jimmy Hoffa, the man who introduced president Obama at a Labor Day Rally, and had said this just before Obama came on the stage:

After Jimmy Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union called war on the tea party and Republicans, did our president remain silent or did he speak out against this kind of hate rhetoric?    I think I only have to give you one guess.  Not a word of condemnation.

Our divider in chief did say something about Hoffa after those remarks: From Big Government
The president welcomed Hoffa and said he was proud of him.    
I guess you told him, mister president.     Hypocrite.

Obama's tactics of dividing Americans for political gain [and by using the race card, the class warfare card and the gay card to do it] is the number one reason I do not want to see this man re elected.  A man who cares so little about his country that he is willing to inject ill will among fellow Americans and divide, not unite the country, does not deserve a second term as commander in chief.  


dbsnyder said...

The President doesn't need to know the facts - He can accuse based on his gut

Big Mike said...

and let's hope DB that we get him and his gut out of there in 2012 :)