Sunday, October 23, 2011

I must have missed the announcement about the change of Press Secretary

I must have missed this announcement.   I didn't realize David Gregory of Meet the Press is now the Press Secretary for president Obama.  He sure sounded like Obama's press spokesman in his interview with Secretary of State Clinton on this Sunday's show.

Gregory tried to outdo himself  in moving from one softball question to the next in praising, I mean interviewing,  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Gregory's practice made him perfect as the last question to Sec of State Clinton was the ultimate in dishing up a high hanging curve ball.  Gregory asked:  "With all of these successes by President Obama on foreign policy, do you think this makes the Republican candidates running for president vulnerable on this issue?"

Oh, my gosh, Mrs. Clinton must have been shaking in her boots at having to answer that one.  Sheesh!

If David Gregory isn't the new Press Secretary for president Obama, he should be.  That is, of course, only if Christiane Amanpour isn't available.

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