Monday, October 31, 2011

What a great way to honor your father.

Hat Tip: My wonderful Aunt Carla from St. Louis.  I congratulate her and all the St. Louis Cardinal fans for winning the 2011 World Championship in Major League Baseball.

Jack Buck (August 21, 1924 – June 18, 2002) was a great national sportscaster,  best known for his work announcing Major League Baseball games of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He became one of the top broadcasters for the playoffs in Major League Baseball.  Jack Buck who suffered from Parkinson's disease, diabetes and other ailments died in June of 2002. 

His son Joe Buck has followed in his footsteps as he has become one of the top sportscasters in America, especially, like his father, as the lead announcer on Fox Major League Baseball.

On October 26, 1991 Jack Buck was announcing the World Series game between the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves.  Atlanta was up 3 games to 2, so this was an elimination game for Minnesota.  So, Jack Buck got to call on national TV the game winning home run by Kirby Puckett of the Minnesota Twins, that sent that series to a 7th game; the same as his son, Joe Buck got to call David Freese's game winning home run that sent St. Louis to a 7th game almost 20 years later to the day.  You will see by this video how Joe Buck has honored his father with his call. 

I can't believe some sports talk show people are actually criticizing this great moment.   I  think it is outrageous for anyone to criticize a man for honoring his Dad.

As I think about my awesome Dad, Pop, who passed on December 9, 2007,  I want to honor Joe Buck for honoring his Dad.  That was a beautiful call Joe!

Pop this is for you:

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