Monday, October 10, 2011

Dennis Prager: NY Times Manipulative Headlines

Outside of a conference of Christian conservatives, Evangelical pastor,  Robert Jeffress of Dallas, called the Mormon Church a cult and stated that Mr. Romney “is not a Christian."    

The New York Times headlines in an article about this was: "Prominent Pastor Calls Mormon religion a cult."  He did say that, but as Dennis Prager on his radio show on Monday pointed out, the New York Times was being purposely deceptive in those headlines as it didn't highlight the real story. Prager pointed out that it is not news for an Evangelical pastor to say Mormons are not Christians.   For years, whether they are right or wrong, many Evangelicals have believed that Mormons are not Christians.  I am not knowledgeable enough on the theology of the Mormon religion or Christianity for that matter, to make a judgement on that.  To me, it did seem like the pastor was out of line to use the derogatory word cult in describing the Mormon religion. I think that was using unnecessary, inflammatory invective.   Dennis Prager said he has a loving friendship with  Evangelical Christians and Mormons and did not want to get involved in the theology difference of the two religions.

So, the New York Times used the 'dog bites man' non story, when, as Dennis Prager point out, near the end of the article was the real ['man bites dog'] story. Two of the last three paragraphs of  the article stated: "He also said that he believed Mr. Romney is a “good, moral person,” and that he would endorse him over the president".
"If it comes to that", he said, “I’m going to instruct, I’m going to advise people that it is much better to vote for a non-Christian who embraces biblical values than to vote for a professing Christian like Barack Obama who embraces un-biblical values.”

Prager calls that amazing and it was the real breaking news story of the piece.  I agree.  He said, the real news story should have been reflected in these headlines: "Evangelical pastor would support and endorse a Mormon for president."

Think about that. This pastor would not only support Romney, but he would advise and  instruct his parishioners to vote for him. That is not just a perfunctory statement of "holding his nose" and voting for him, but real support for the Mormon.

Of course those headlines, of the pastor supporting a Mormon, wouldn't fit the narrative of the New York Times trying to sow division between Republicans.

Dennis Prager pointed out that it comes down to the difference between theology and [biblical] values.  Prager said that theology was between man and God while values were between man and society.  I agree with Dennis that we should look to support a president who embraces our values, not our theology.

Bravo, Dennis Prager, on your insightful comments that cut through the New York Times non story headlines, to find the real story of the article.

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