Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Copts [Egyptian Christians] are massacred and the world is silent.

From Israeli Professor Rubin and his Rubin Reports    "...Egypt is home to millions of Christians .... that exceeds the populations of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia."

The native Egyptian Christians are known as the Coptic Christians or Copts. As a religious minority, the Copts are subject to significant discrimination in modern Egypt, and the target of attacks by militant Islamists.

There was always tension in Egypt between radical Muslims and Coptic Christians, but at least when Hosni Mubarak was leading Egypt, he tried to suppress the Islamists fury against the Christians.  Now with the so called Arab "spring" and the overthrow of Mubarak, the tension and violence and terror to the Coptic Christians has been unleashed.

This from Reuters:  "Egyptian Christians turned their fury against the army on Monday after at least 25 people were killed when troops crushed a protest using tactics that deepened public doubts about the military's ability to steer Egypt peacefully toward democracy.

In the worst violence since Hosni Mubarak was ousted, armored vehicles sped into a crowd late on Sunday to break up a protest near Cairo's state television. Online videos showed mangled bodies. Activists said corpses were crushed by wheels.

Tension between Muslims and minority Coptic Christians has simmered for years but has worsened since the anti-Mubarak revolt, which gave freer rein to Salafist and other strict Islamist groups that the former president had repressed."
The silence in the world of this terror that these Christians in Egypt face is deafening.  Everyone in the world should be horrified and trying to do everything they can to stop this religious bigotry and massacre. 

I always ask Jewish leaders, 'where are you in condemning president Obama's policies so damaging to Israel? Why aren't you speaking out?'

Now, in this situation,  I am wondering where are the Christian leaders and why aren't they speaking out strongly against this evil?   Leaders of every faith should be speaking out, but this is especially true for the Christian community.
Now we are beginning to see the reality of what the Arab "spring" has wrought in Egypt. The Islamists gaining strength [and maybe power], with the resulting danger to Israel and Christians.  Yes, Mubarak was a dictator, but at least he tried to tap down the violence against the Copts and tried to maintain the peace with Israel.  Now that seems to be going out the window with his overthrow.

I wish the Obama administration had been as anxious to support and defend the Iranian and Syrian uprisings, whose heroic demonstrators were mowed down in the street, as opposed to overthrowing the dictator in Egypt [who had been much friendlier to America and Israel].

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