Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The "conservative" innovator and visionary, Steve Jobs

I have always admired the late Steve Jobs, even though I had always perceived him to be the quintessential liberal.  Now with the sad passing of Steve Jobs, it has been revealed last Thursday in The Huffington Post  that Steve Jobs sounded a lot more like Ronald Reagan than Barack Obama.

Look at these amazing blunt words that he told president Obama in an October 2010 meeting in the White House.  Jobs observations were captured in  an authorized biography, that has just been released, from author Walter Isaacson. 

Hat Tip: the TPM blog:

Jobs told Obama that his administration wasn’t friendly enough to business. He pointed to China as a model of a place without as many “regulations and unnecessary costs.”

He also had harsh words for America’s education system, which he deemed “crippled by union work rules,” a position he’s held for some time, since at least the mid-1990s. And he later told Issacson that he hated the President’s excuses for the gridlock in Washington and the inability to get things done.

Wow!  Steve Jobs has been so visionary in his whole life, I hope he is just as prophetic in the words he told president Obama.  Let us all hope, as Michele Bachmann says in every debate, that president Obama will be a one term president.

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