Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's Dance.

Yesterday I posted about the great concert Mrs. Sheralyn B and I would attend last night.  Great it was.  The first piece was the premiere of a piece commissioned by the Houston Symphony in memory of those that were murdered in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. It was really a wonderful, moving piece composed by the Dean of the school of Music at Rice University. He gave the lecture at the pre concert 'Prelude' and it really informed us about the piece. What was neat was at the end of the concert as Sheralyn and I were walking out, we saw the composer and were able to congratulate him and tell him what a great piece it was. He thanked us.

Next we heard the great Brahms violin concerto, which I posted yesterday.  What a great performance it was with solo violinist James Ehnes.  He is right up there with the top soloists I have seen.  He received 4 standing ovations.

The concert ended with Dvorak's 6th symphony.  This is the first time I have heard this live at the concert Hall, and what a difference hearing this live instead of on the radio.  I didn't think this was one of my favorite Dvorak symphonies, but after hearing it live I have to change that opinion.  This is a grand symphony. Dvorak thru and thru. You have to hear this one in person to do it justice.

I will play the third movement scherzo, which is a lively, fiery Czech dance.

Antonin Dvorak:Symphony #6 in D Major, movement 3, scherzo/presto:

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