Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23-The Birthday of Two Great Americans

Did you know that today, September 23 is the birthday of two great Americans:

My wife, the fetching Sheralyn B is a strong Christian conservative patriot. I am so blessed she is my wife and mother to our wonderful daughter Ebony.                  I love you, Sheralyn.

Sheralyn is a kind, hard working wonderful human being. If good person was defined by people in the dictionary, Sheralyn would be at the top.

Happy Birthday Sheralyn!    This is for you:


Today is also the birthday of another great American, Duane Patterson aka @radioblogger on twitter. Yes the same @radioblogger with over 350,000 followers.  Duane, aka generalissimo, is the loyal radio producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show.  Duane, the man from So Cal loves his Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Being a tribble of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, I think I speak for all tribbles, well most tribbles, well some tribbles in saying that Duane Patterson is the hardest working and best producer on radio today.
One thing I know I speak for all tribbles in saying: we love this good man.   He takes a lot of barbs from Hugh, like Hugh's always opining: "If I only had a producer."
Sometimes the tribbles wonder the same thing.                                         

Happy Birthday big Duane!

Because Hugh works you as hard as a coal miner, and it seems like you owe your soul to the Hugh Hewitt show, this is for you generalissimo:


soopermexican said...

Duane is American? I thought he was a lilliputian national!

Big Mike said...

Shhhh, sooper Mexican. You're not supposed to tell.

bradley said...

I vouch for big mike--- sheralyn is a great mom and wife devoted to her 2 children and an objective fair citizen whom has been a great wife to my loving brother mike!'
Happy bday sheralyn,,

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad. You are the greatest brother, and brother in law to Sheralyn, anyone could have.