Friday, September 16, 2011

Prediction coming out of the NY-9 big GOP win.

Don't be fooled by the protestations from the White House of not worrying about the results of the New York-9 vote.  President Obama is scared to death. Obama's two biggest constituencies in 2008 were blacks and Jews.  President Obama must have those two groups voting in close to the percentage they did if he has any hopes for re election. The New York congressional election that went Republican in a big way is the most Jewish district in the nation.  It prompted my post: A hopeful changing Jewish vote in 2012   Wednesday was the great, great article from Dan Senor: Why Obama is Losing the Jewish Vote in the Wall Street Journal Online.   Without a strong Jewish vote for Obama in 2012, Obama will be in big trouble in states like Florida and Pennsylvania.  He cannot win the election if he loses both those states.

My prediction is that in this next year before the election you are going to hear a lot of new rhetoric from this president, mainly to the Jewish community, that will make you think he has made this huge conversion and is suddenly pro Israel.   Well then again it won't be new rhetoric, as it will be the same language he used to Jewish American groups before he won the first election [ex., He said he believed in a united Jerusalem for Israel...only to walk back that statement, less than 24 hours later]  As an election nears for Obama his true intentions and feelings go by the wayside.

Obama  will get a lot of help from some liberal Jews and leftist Jewish organizations. Don't fall for it, my fellow Jewish Americans.  These are people who are liberals and Democrats, first, second and third.

The one good thing coming out of the NY-9 election, is that president Obama has to do everything in his power, not just to veto the Palestinians quest, which will come next week, to be recognized by the UN as an independent state, but to try and make sure it never comes to a vote in the general assembly.
Thank God this initiative is not coming after Obama [God forbid] has been re-elected.  Then it would be under the bus you go, Israel.  If president Obama doesn't even want to lose more of the Jewish vote than he will in the 2012 election, the United States cannot let the Palestinians win this one.  That will be devastating to peace in the region. It will be very harmful to Israel and their security. It is not like the United States didn't know this was coming [and that is the problem..not stemming this early on]. I did a post almost 10 months ago [Dec. 31, 2010] of the great Caroline Glick saying this would happen and when it would happen: More From Caroline Glick on Israel

So, yes we will see a strong response, starting next week against the Palestinian initiative before the UN [I hope] and then we will hear from Jewish spokesmen how president Obama is pro Israel.  I say once again, like I tried to say before his first election, don't be fooled again.   We have had almost 3 years of one of the most anti Israel administrations in history.  With an election coming up in a year and Obama knowing he must have strong support from the Jewish community in votes and donations, you will see a supreme effort to fool Jewish voters one more time that he is totally pro Israel.

You must think of how you thought before the 2008 election and that this guy, with his words, was going to be one of the most pro Israel president's in history.  Then look at what happened after he won the election. Just the opposite revealed itself.   I don't think this time he will, but if president Obama was able to bamboozle a huge majority of Jewish voters again and it helps him to win re-election, those Jewish voters will have only themselves to blame for what comes after that. 

Can you just imagine a Barack Obama in a second term without the guard rails of another election holding back his true intentions and policies for the Middle East?  I pray we never find out, for our sake and for the sake of Israel.


bradley said...

I totally agree w your accurate and detailed analysis big mike----I've said before , if the jewish vote puts Obama in this time again, any Israeli blood from terrorism will be on their hands!!!! This president has consistently emboldened anti-Israel , pro palestenian, pro-Hamas terrorists!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad...great American patriot and friend of Israel!!

bill godstein said...

hussein obama can only fool the fools. and there are lots of them. thank god many of them will be either doing drugs or at neiman marcus and will miss the voting time.

Big Mike said...

Ha! He can only fool the fools. Brilliant!