Monday, September 19, 2011

Paul Gigot: "Obama's Solyndra economy"

Ah, Solyndra. The solar panel maker who was to be Obama's favorite "green jobs" example.  This big contributor to the president's campaign that received a $535 million loan and went bankrupt in August costing 1000 jobs and the US tax payers over 1/2 billion dollars.  That's what happens when you have  the federal government [Obama]  picking economic winners and losers, and doing so in a political, not economic way. This is a prime of example of why we should have no more bankrupt spending government stimulus programs.  Jobs are created by business entrepreneurs, not government.

Paul Gigot [of the Wall Street Journal], on the Fox News Sunday panel said the Republicans should make the Solyndra experiment a prime example of the failure of Obama's stimulus spending by calling this forever more Obama's Solyndra economy.   I think that is a great idea.    I might even add to it the word recession.   Republicans could say at every opportunity, we are in the 'Obama Solyndra recession'.

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