Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One question, Mr. President.

President Barack Obama outdid himself in demagoguery in his speech before a Labor Day event in Detroit on Monday.  This totally blatant political speech had one goal in mind: Get Obama re-elected by dividing and conquering.   This speech accomplished its mission of dividing the country. It is dividing rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans, unions and job creators.  I pray that the conquering part of his mission will be a failure.   For the future greatness of this country, it must fail.

I heard Ed Henry on Fox News say that, of course his speech was political, as it is Labor Day and that is the typical start of the political campaign.  But Ed, the usual start of the political season is the Labor Day in the year of the election, not the year before.  This should not have been a speech to divide the country in hopes of re-election.

This was no jobs speech, it was no "workers" speech. His whole speech was about the unions.  To hear president Obama talk, the only people who work in this country are union workers.   Well Mr. president I have breaking news for you.  The overwhelming majority of hard working people in this country do not belong to unions.  They are just as decent and patriotic and hard working as any union worker.  Some more breaking news for you Mr. president.  People who belong to various tea parties around the country, the people who you demonize, are also hard working people too.  Some of them, may also belong to unions.

Just before his speech he was introduced by James Hoffa Jr., president of the Teamsters union.  In more from the recent hate speech out of Democrats mouths, Hoffa said: "We are at at war [with the Tea Party] and we are going to rise up and take those son of a bitches out, and restore America back to Americans [us]."
And how exactly are you going to take the Republicans and tea party people out Mr. Hoffa?  The same way the mafia may have taken out your Dad?

You may have thought you would hear some denunciation from the president of the United States [you know the one who called for more civility in our talk], but not a peep.  Not only that, you could hear the president's voice well with pride as he thanked Hoffa for being there.  This was Mr. divide and conquer at his best, or worst if you have an ounce of dignity.

In light of this speech, I have one question for the divider-in-chief. 

Mr. President, how many jobs has a union ever created?


bradley said...

Big mike, one of your best posts ever-- unions were critical in the early and mid 20th century, but now have caused LOSS of jobs and a major reason why we can't compete on the world stage due to excessive greed and demands on their part! This president is so sickening in that he can't come to condemn the hateful class warfare speech by the hoffa nut!!

bill g said...

perfect post master mike!! you are the man! this pardon me if i puke, president is revolting at best. dangerous in reality and destructive at worst.

Big Mike said...

Thanks great patriots Brad and Billie G!!

Unknown said...

Very nicely put! Pigs squeal the loudest when they are trapped in a corner of a pen with no exit, and boy was there a lot of squealing on Labor Day. I'm from Michigan and I can tell you one person you didn't see or hear from was Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. You watch him and the next few steps with the public unions there.. should be really interesting.

Big Mike said...

Great comments CK! Thanks!