Monday, September 19, 2011

Not again Columbia University [with correction]

For a second time, the New York City's  private Ivy League school, Columbia University, is inviting Iranian, madman dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to come to their school.  On September 24, 2007 Ahmadinejad was invited to give a speech at the "esteemed" university.  You remember, it was that speech where he said Iran doesn't discriminate against gays because there are no gays in Iran.

On Wednesday September 21, the school in its wisdom thought it would be a great idea to invite this scumbag again to dine with the students there. Oh, what a privilege for those students who will be eating with Mahmoud. A man whose major goal in life is to wipe Israel off the map.  He wants to see every Jew in Israel dead.  So, what does Columbia University say: Welcome back Mahmoud. 

Columbia University says the Iranian dictator is welcome to their campus, but the evil U.S. military recruiters were banned for 42 years [finally reversed their policy this year].  The excuse the school used for not allowing military recruits on their campus was that they didn't like the military's policies of "don't ask, don't tell" saying that policy discriminated against gays.

So, to Columbia University, if you want to wipe gays [and Israel] off the face of the earth, there is no problem; but if you advocate "don't ask, don't tell", that's going too far. They do have their standards.

It's lucky for Mahmoud he didn't say he supported "don't ask, don't tell". He may not have got his invite.

Hey, maybe Columbia University can invite their friend back next week to have a Rosh  Hashana dinner with them.

CORRECTION   UPDATE:  I have found out that I mistakenly said this would occur on campus. But the feast with Mahmoud and a "select' group of Columbia University students will occur off campus, somewhere in Manhattan.  Sorry for the mistake.



bradley said...

Any Jewish parent that sends their son there is a moron ( or not really jewish )-- oh, I guess we could also say that about voting for Obama again in 2012!!!

Big Mike said...

Amen, Brad!