Thursday, September 22, 2011

It will be hard to top this political ad by Rick Perry.

I am not endorsing anyone yet for the GOP nomination for president. No matter who I end up endorsing, the eventual GOP winner is the one who I will wholeheartedly support for president.

I am still watching the debates carefully to see which one will do the best job of debating and beating Obama.  We must keep our eye on the prize in this critical election.   Being able to defeat president Obama is the most important quality that the GOP candidate must display. The one who can do that the best is the one who I will endorse. 

With all that said, Governor Rick Perry has put out a fantastic political ad. This one will be hard to beat.    

President Zero should translate to NObama in 2012!

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DaveInAZ said...

I'm with you, Michael... I will support whatever candidate can rally the American people to defeat Obama.

That being said, I really think this Perry ad does two things well; It shows Obama's failure, and brings pride in America - and a positive perspective - back into the conversation. Love it!